Goodbye Grand Tour, goodbye Top Gear (BBC), goodbye Jeremy, Richard and James

I'm going to miss those three buffoons of The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime) and Top Gear (BBC). They are a hoot, and their enthusiasm for all things automobile is just fun for me. It's sad for me that they are gone. I'll hope they'll be back. Jeremy Clarkson started another series where he started a farm on some land he owned, but had/has no idea how to be a farmer. And James May has been doing small series for a while now. And Richard Hammond has always done small projects. I hope to see them together in their individual efforts.

Quotes from the last episode, Season 4, Episode 3:

Richard: "Nothing says 'Loser' like a Pontiac Aztec."

Jeremy: "Hammond trying to smash the Aztec up. It's impossible to tell, such is the styling."

Jeremy: "The two Chrysler's fighting it out for the honor of last place."

Alas, they are gone, and my sorrows cannot bring their return.

But there is hope: from the last episode, the ending, "We will be back, we don't know where, we don't know when, but we will and we will see you then. Thank you so much for watching. Goodbye."

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