Things which should be cancelled 25: Government handouts

Forgiving student loans doesn't mean the banks suffer; that debt is transferred to the national debt, which means your kids will have to pay it back. The people who don't have to pay it back: the stupid people who paid too much for a degree which can't pay for itself. The university system has generated a massive number of stupid people.

Giving money to Ukraine isn't free; it increases the national dept, so your kids will pay for it.

Giving money to new refugees isn't free, it increases the national debt, so your kids will pay for it.

All that free COVID money, yep, your kids will pay for it.

Tax cuts; your kids pay that.

Generous tax gifts to the poor: your kids.

Generous money to the elderly; kids pay that.

Better roads: your kids pay that, too.

Or they won't. After the government goes bankrupt, massive inflation, then your kids will really start to pay for it.

Then they'll know how stupid we all were in electing idiots who never saw past their next election. We are astoundingly generous--with their money.

They'll find a solution. People always do.

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