Campus Buildings with Aweful Names

The College Campus is for sale. Administrations sell naming rights to buildings to make money. Here at UVU we have sold some names to the wrong people.

Browning Administration (Administration): where the brown-nosing happens. Or maybe it's what happens to student's pants when they come in to pay tuition.

Losee Center (Student services): where the losers hang out.

Pope Science (Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics): An admission that Science is our new religion, and that hard science is its Pope.

Fugal Gateway Building (hallway): So frugal they left off the "r," and the rooms.

Do'TERRA Training Dome (soccer field): like the company, the structure supported by nothing but air.

Faculty Annex (faculty offices): the on-campus trailer park.

Sparks Automotive (auto shop classes): this is self evident.

Young Alumni Building (Alumni services): appeals only to the old alumni.

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